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The Effects of Sociodemographic Variables and Family Rituals on the Family Strength of Families with Children in Early Childhood

AUTHOR : 정계숙,손환희,윤갑정

INFORMATION : page. 129~155 / 2017 Vol.24 No.2


This study examined the effects of sociodemographic variables and family rituals on the family strength of families with children in early childhood as the crisis of family community in our society deepens. For the purpose, a survey was conducted targeting 255 families with children in early childhood in P city and nearby areas. The results showed that 1) The maternal sub-factors of family rituals variables were positively correlated with family strength. 2) As a result of examining the relative influence of sociodemographic variables and family rituals on the total amount of family strength, so that the influence of the family rituals variable is greater overall. The sociodemographic variables were 15% and family rituals were 34%. And the Annual ritual, Special ritual, Weekends ritual, Dinnertime ritual, and Traditional ritual factors had a significant impact on the sub-factors and total amount of family strength. This study provided implications for the practice of family rituals and a parent education program for empowering family strength.

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