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The Effect of Parental Over-Expectation and Over-Interference on Child’s Academic Achievement: A Comparison of Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

AUTHOR : 이수진, 최지영

INFORMATION : page. 119~141 / 2021 Vol.28 No.1


The purpose of this study was to find out how parental over-expectation and over-interference affect child’s academic achievement and to examine the significant differences among study participants after controlling for gender, parents’ socioeconomic status, and the relationship with teachers. This study used the 6th year data of the 1st and 4th grade elementary and the 1st grade of middle school students panels among the data of the Korean Children and Youth Panel Survey (KCYPS) of the Korea Youth Policy Institute. The results of the study were as follows: First, parental over-expectation positively affected child’s academic achievement for 6th grade of elementary school students and 3rd grade middle school students. Second, parental over-interference negatively affected child’s academic achievement for 6th grade of elementary school students, 3rd grade middle school students, and 3rd grade high school students. The influence of parental over-expectation and over-interference was the highest in the middle school group, and the relationship with teachers was the most dominant factor that affected the academic performance of 6th grade elementary school students, 3rd grade middle school students and 3rd grade high school students. This study is meaningful in that it used a cross-sectional research method to examine the similarities and differences among different age groups at a specific time. The result of this study will help to develop and provide effective intervention services for parents and children who are in conflict with parental over-expectation and over-interference in the field of counseling field as well as education and welfare sites such as schools, social welfare centers, and local children’s centers.

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